Yes, size does matter!
We are a quality (non nudity) well endowed dating site that brings together quality people.

If you are a woman or gay man, ask yourself how many times you have dated someone for a few weeks only to be disappointed when the big moment finally arrived?  Know before hand what your partner has.  Don't waste your time or his and have to worry about breaking off a relationship because your partner falls short of your expectations.

Here at, you do not waste your time.  Each person knows exactly what to expect without any disappointments or surprises.


Welcome to  We are an online dating site and personals service that gives you what you really want. Wouldn't it be great to know upfront if the man you are dating is well endowed?  The answer is, of course!  We are all attracted and drawn to size, the most common form of greater size reference is to either a woman’s breasts or how well endowed a man is. This site is dedicated to quality singles where well endowed men are appreciated. We separate the men from the boys. In our quest to make the ultimate dating site, we have found that most people want a quality relationship that is based upon looks, intelligence, sense of humor and morals to name a few.  Take the guesswork out of the equation. Know upfront what you are getting so you don't have to worry about it later. Then you can concentrate on other qualities in a man without having to wonder if he has what it takes to make you happy. Meet quality single men and quality single women. Thank you for using


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