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Why We Are Different From Other Dating Sites


Quality And Attraction, What Women And Men Really Want
We all want to meet someone of quality, whether it is for a serious or casual relationship.  It's only natural to want the best.  Sometimes the best requires certain physical attributes that you find desirable in your partner.   For men interested in women, it is quite easy to see if the woman's breast size is to his liking or not, or even the shape and size of her derriere.  The same goes for women interested in men.  There are many women that feel the size of a man's penis is very important to them and want a well endowed man.  Unfortunately, because of how society is, it is extremely inappropriate to ask a man immediately how big his penis is or even if he is uncircumcised or not.  A properly behaved woman that is respectful would never ask such a question.  Instead, a woman will date a man perhaps for a few days, weeks or maybe months.  After all this time the woman will decide she likes the man and that it is finally time to take things to a new level/the bedroom.  It is at this time that many women are disappointed with what they find and now they are in an awkward situation.  They like the guy, but they need to move on if they are to be sexually satisfied. 

7orbetter.com avoids all this by letting the women (let's not forget some men too) know immediately if the guy has what they desire or not.  No more wasted time, no more guessing, hoping or praying that the guy is well endowed and has what it takes to please you. 


What We Are And What We Are Not
We are a quality dating site whose only goal is to bring you quality single people who appreciate a well endowed man.  We are not a sex or pornographic site.  We do NOT allow nudity of any kind on this site.  We are a matchmaking service that provides you with the opportunity to interact with other quality people  with the full advantage of knowing what the other person has without having to ask or hope for.



Overall Qualities
Yes, physical attraction is important, but so are other qualities.  That's why we do our best to make sure our members are interesting, intelligent and fun to be with.  It's nice to know if they have what it takes physically, but if that's all they have, then they aren't for us.


No More Guessing
People naturally want it all and there is nothing wrong with that. Now through the modern means of online dating it is possible to find everything you want and have all your big questions answered without wasting your time.
7orbetter.com is about finding the person you really want.