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  There are very few countries that can compare to Italy for its old world beauty and romance. Whether you are having a romantic moment drifting down a canal of Venice or wandering the beautiful streets of Florence there is a sense of romance and desire that this country naturally stokes within all of us. It is only natural that many of Italy's citizens have turned to online dating to find the perfect match. But what is the perfect match? For many women it is a wealthy man, others it is a funny man. Some like them tall and good looking or for others it can be something else entirely. Physical compatibility can be very important, especially the size of a man's penis. For some women a well endowed man is very important. Why waste your time getting to know someone and then be disappointed when the big moment finally happens? Women of Italy from Rome to Milan know how important it is to find a well endowed man. That is why they are turning to 7orbetter.com to find a man with a big penis. Join men and women from around the world who believe physical compatibility is no small thing.  

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